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About Me:

The Harmonic Legion label is a platform to showcase the music of Robin J. Walma (b. 2000), a composer/producer of music in the style of film and video game scores.  They specialize in combining advanced theoretical concepts with commercial techniques and standards, creating a one of a kind musical texture that spans a wide variety of styles and moods.  Robin recently graduated from Ball State University with a Bachelor's of Music in Music Composition and Theory and a Bachelor's of Science in Music Media Production. Their list of works covers both electronic and instrumental chamber music demonstrating their versatility and prowess in the composition and audio engineering fields.

Electronic Works:

Mission Rovee OST (Album, 2024)

CMYK (Single, 2023)

Sounds of Thunder and Lightning (EP, 2022) 

Sounds of Fantasy: Xallital
  (Tabletop Media Score, 2022)

Score for Clear Reception with David Letterman

    (Documentary Score, 2022)

A Voyage in Two Parts (EP, 2022)

Sounds of Fantasy: Trevalis (Album, 2021)

Summer Adjacent (EP, 2021)

The Chronicle (Avant-Garde Single, 2021)

Rescore of A Trip to Jupiter 

    (Media Score, 2021)

Studio 9 (EP, 2020)

Spectra (EP, 2019)

Man in the Corner Booth Score

    (Short Film Score, 2019)

Purple Skies (Collaboration Single, 2019)

Twin Skies (Album, 2019)

Over the Moon (EP, 2018)

Peril and Prosperity (EP, 2018)

Orchestep Vol. 2 (Album, 2017)

Radley Rush (Single, 2016)

Orchestep Vol. 1 (Album, 2016)

Works Listed:

Chamber Music:

Reflection ("Beyond Your Wildest Dreams")

    (TTBB Chorus, 2024)
The Alchemist (Bass Trombone and Piano, 2023)

Here, There be Dragons (Trombone Quartet, 2023)

Wheel of the Year, a Seasonal Suite

    (Pierrot Ensemble and Percussion, 2022)
Blue Fire (String Quintet/Documentary Score, 2022)

Journey Beyond (Trombone Octet, 2021)

These Fair Isles: Piccadilly Circus

    (Woodwind Quintet and Percussion, 2021)

The Universal Language (Mixed Sextet, 2020)

The Wildlands (Percussion Trio, 2020)

The People’s Words (Baritone Voice and Piano, 2020)

The Ranger’s Ballad (Piano Solo, 2020)

Pros and Cons (Trumpet and Trombone Duet, 2020)

Scenes During a Modern Pandemic: Day Zero

    (Brass Quintet, 2020)

Conspiring Coup (Bassoon and Cello Duet, 2020)

The Corrupted Maiden (Oboe Solo, 2020)

Monolexia (Trombone Quartet Collection, 2020)

Piece in Slap Flat Minor (Wooden Board Solo, 2020)

Verge of Yule (Brass Quintet, 2019)

Go For Gold (Mixed Brass Quartet, 2019)

The King’s Court (Mixed Brass Quartet, 2019)

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