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Media Scoring

Mission Rovee
(Video Game)

Mission Rovee is an alt-control rover exploration game by Sphere Province Games LLC where the player controls a rover using a command prompt in order to find and collect minerals in a cozy environment. This project is part of the Ball State University Computer Science capstone program. It was developed using Godot engine, and it derived methodology from

Richard Lemarchan's A Playful Production Process.

Steam Link:

Clear Reception
with David Letterman

"Clear Reception with David Letterman" is a documentary wherein late night talk show host, David Letterman, tasks students from the Ball State Glass Art program to recreate his phone case in the form of glass. The year long project included a university-wide collaboration between, in addition to the aforementioned Glass Art program, the Department of Media, Schools of Art and Music, and center for Emerging Media Design and Development (EMDD).

Full length video:


- Opening Theme
- 'Blue
Fire' as featured in the trailer below.

Opening Sequence


(Web-based Video Game)
Gold Award (Serious Play Conference)

Habitile is a tactical tile-laying game, made with Godot Engine, that cultivates curiosity about the local ecosystem of Muncie, IN. It was developed by Studio Hungus in collaboration with the Ball State Immersive Learning Offices and Minnetrista Museum and Gardens.

Play here:

Xāllital: The Devouring Desert
(Tabletop Role-Playing Game 3rd Party Module)

Xallital: The Devouring Desert is a 3rd party edition to a certain well known tabletop RPG developed through the Ball State Immersive Learning Program and inspired by the national parks in and around Moab, UT. It contains four smaller arcs that can be combined into a march larger story. The module combines elements of traditional fantasy with themes from the American West and provides a critical look at the displacement of indigenous people.

Download here:

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