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A Note from the Composer:
"This piece is meant to be a love letter, of sorts, to the five years I spent in university studying music composition, theory, and production. It’s based on a text I wrote a few years ago reflecting on how my path and aspirations have changed over time. The perspective of the text depicts what I would say to my younger self at the beginning of my musical journey, and in that lens, it serves as a kind of message in a bottle to anyone who is seeking to begin a new part of their life. My personal interpretation of the text also alludes not only to my academic and career prospects, but also the discovery and expression of my nonbinary identity and steadfastness during the troubling, yet formative years of the COVID-19 pandemic. Looking upon the finished work, one of my favorite aspects is that the words “beautiful” and “terrible” appear an equal number of times, minus one exception, which makes it so that it can be interpreted that the world will always be slightly more beautiful than it is terrible."
- Robin


Reflection ("Beyond Your Wildest Dreams")

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